Under the brand name Tîma Tea, 3 Mountains sells organically grown, pesticide-free, ethically sourced, single origin Rwandan tea.  We practice Conscious Commerce and are building relationships with our community partners.

The plants are grown by small-scale farmer groups that come together for processing and selling. The tea business in this community supports 100,000 people. Choose from 5 types of tea, in retail and wholesale options.

The Rwandan camellia sinensis produces:

Rwandan Silver Needle Tea
The delicate needles are sourced from the youngest part of the camellia sinensis plant. The buds are hand-picked, gently steamed and air-dried. High in antioxidants and lighter in caffeine. Crisp and cooling, with hints of jasmine.

Rwandan White Tip Tea
White tea is the lightest in flavor and color of all four types of tea from the camellia sinensis plant. The leaves are band-picked only in the morning when the buds are open, then lightly oxidized and carefully sun-dried. This process allows for the highest count of antioxidants with the least amount of machine processing. It offers an earthy and fresh flavor, with floral notes. Low caffeine.

Rwandan Green Tea
This award-winning tea is hand-harvested and steamed with no oxidation, creating a fresh, smooth tea with mild astringency and powerful antioxidants. Hints of peach and a unique earthy flavor.

Rwandan Black Orthodox Tea
Bright orange in color, this energizing tea has a unique character of Rwandan terroir. Sweet, round, nutty notes are balanced by refreshing acidity of high elevation grown Ceylon.  Notes of rich molasses can be detected, naturally sweetening the tea.

Our Herbal (non-caffeinated tisane) option is:

Tulsi Lemongrass
Ingredients: American Tulsi Holy Basil var. Rama, American Oat Straw, Pure Rwandan Lemongrass Oil. 100% certified organic ingredients and caffeine-free. External evidence shows the ingredients support healthy adrenals, helps mitigates stress, promotes good sleep and relaxation.

We also have a travel tea accessory kit

Perfect for on the go travel with steep spoon and tin included