3 Mountains is the parent company for two socially-responsible product lines: Tîma Tea (loose leaf tea from Rwanda) and Silverback on Tap (a carbonated natural energy drink made with Tîma Tea). The company was founded by Sara Stender, a global activist and social entrepreneur based in Asheville, NC. She lived in Rwanda in 2009 and has been going back ever since. Her drive in life is to help people live the life of their dreams, especially after facing major life challenge, and to inspire people to become the person they were born to be. Learn more about our humble beginnings on this recent podcast (starts at minute 9:30).


Before 3 Mountains, Sara started a nonprofit called Africa Healing Exchange (AHE), originally designed to assist Rwandan Genocide survivors to overcome major trauma associated with the violence of 1994. The mission is to end the cycle of trauma so that our children have the best chance for success at life. AHE has now grown into a proven 3-part approach that is designed for global replication:
Heal - Connect - Sustain

3 Mountains sponsors the foundation’s “Sustain” component and provides entrepreneurship training and business development opportunities to women in Rwanda. Read more about our impact and the sustainable programs we are helping to grow.

Meet our trading partners and friends on the next 3 Mountains Crop to Cup Tour! Consider volunteering with our nonprofit partner, AHE.

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3 Mountains is a proud member of the following organizations:
Fair Trade USA
Asheville Independent Restaurant Association (AIRS)