Where To Buy


Besides our online store you can find Tîma Tea & Silverback at a variety of great outlets!


Tîma Tea by the cup / pot, served hot

Dobra Tea (Asheville West, Downtown)

Pennycup Coffee (Asheville North, River Arts, Hawcreek, Downtown)

Rhubarb (Asheville Downtown)

The Rhu (Asheville Downtown)

Over Easy Cafe (Asheville Downtown)

Owl Bakery (Asheville West)

Sovereign Remedies (Asheville Downtown)

Nourish & Flourish (Asheville River Arts District)

Mountain Mojo (Asheville Downtown)

Ivory Road (Asheville South)

Peaberry Cafe (Asheville East)

Sunshine Sammies (Asheville Downtown)

Mountain Madre (Asheville Downtown)

En la Caille (Asheville Downtown)

Limones (Asheville Downtown)

Tîma Tea in Bulk & Tins & Baskets

Spice and Tea Merchants of Asheville (Asheville South)

French Broad Food Coop (Asheville Downtown)

DD Bullwinkel's Moose Tracks (Brevard, NC)

Alchemy (Asheville Downtown)

Savory Spice Shop (Asheville South)

Asheville Goods (Asheville West and online gift basket)

Biltmore Estate Winery (Asheville)

Arboretum: Tîma Tea in peace baskets (South Asheville)

Vida Pour Tea (Greensboro, NC)

Lydia Naturals (Chapel Hill, NC and online)

Mean Mug (Salisbury, NC)

Silverback on Tap

Bhramari Brewery (Asheville Downtown)

Blue Dream Curry (Asheville Downtown)

Sanctuary Brewing (Hendersonville, NC)

Silverback in Cans

Food Matters Market (Brevard, NC)

Hendersonville Coop (Hendersonville, NC)

Appalachian Coffee Company (Hendersonville, NC)

The Foundry Hotel (Asheville Downtown)

Dobra Tea (West Asheville)

Funkatorium - Wicked Weed (Asheville Downtown)

Ultra Coffee (Asheville River Arts District)

French Broad Chocolate Factory (Asheville North)


Thistle Farms Cafe & Gift Shop: Tîma Tea in peace baskets and by the cup (Nashville)

Salubrious Farm: Tîma Tea by the cup and Silverback in cans (Knoxville)


Swamp Rabbit Cafe & Grocery: Tîma Tea tins (Greenville)


The Inn at Little Washington: Tîma Tea by the cup (Washington)

The Garden Hut: Silverback cans (Fuquay Varina)

Bella: The Corner Gourmet: Silverback cans (Lewisburg)


Ace Hardware: Silverback cans (Atlanta)

Bread and Butter: Silverback cans (Covington)

The Local Exchange: Tîma Tea tins (Marietta)

Farm Fresh Market: Tîma Tea tins and Silverback cans (Atlanta)


ALSIP Home and Nursery: Silverback cans (St. John)


Sacred Money Studios: Tîma Tea loose and in tins (Portland)


Dobra Tea: Tîma Tea tins, tea baskets and by the cup (Northampton)

Cambridge Natural: Tea baskets (Cambridge)


Dobra Tea: Tîma Tea by the cup (Pittsburg)


Aroma Group: Tîma Tea by the cup (4 locations, Buffalo)


Swahili African Modern: Tîma Tea tins (Las Vegas and online)


Caravan West: Tîma Tea tins (San Diego)

Cardiff Seaside Market: Tîma Tea tins (San Diego)


Tyler's Gift Baskets: Tîma Tea tins and Silverback cans (Monticello and online)

City Pro Shop: Silverback cans

Sara Stender